Cycling infrastructure

The goal of Ertekterv Engineering Services & Consultancy Ltd. is to contribute to the development of a livable, sustainable and safe environment. Therefore, we are actively participating in projects related to sustainable mobility. Our main tasks include project management, elaboration of development concepts as well as cycling network development plans.

Cycling Network Development Plans

To enhance strategic planning and cost-effectiveness, a so-called cycling network development plan was introduced in Hungary a few years ago. The cycling network development plan contributes to the realization of a long-term vision for a sustainable future by identifying areas where cycling infrastructure development is required and by providing recommendations for cost-effective adjustments. Proposals within the network development plan are based on a comprehensive analysis on current traffic conditions and facilities, multimodal transportation modes as well as accident rates.

In case of bicycle infrastructure developments, a common obstacle is the lack of synchronization between individual projects or with other traffic related projects. As a result, the benefit of each project is much lower than expected. Thanks to its comprehensive analysis, the cycling network development plan ensures that the various cycling related projects are being synchronized with each other and are implemented with adequate technical specifications. On this basis, we highly recommend the elaboration of such development plans for any municipalities or government agencies that are in the process of developing their cycling infrastructure.

Our team has been involved in the elaboration of numerous cycling network development plans in Hungary within the last two years, including proposals for cycling routes in Budapest and cycling networks for tourism purposes in rural areas.

We are looking forward to utilize our experiences and help our colleagues as well as cities all around the world to elaborate similar development plans in the near future.Kérdésével keressen minket!

Designing Cycling Infrastructure

In addition, Ertekterv Ltd. has experience in planning and designing bicycle infrastructure with all the required administration process.

Participating in bicycle infrastructure related tenders

Ertekterv Ltd. participates in tenders related to traffic safety and cycling infrastructure through elaboration of projects and project management. Therefore, we are looking for further cooperation with companies with similar visions to participate directly in future projects (e.g. EU-projects, Interreg, etc.).


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